A mission of impact.

We want to strengthen the San Antonio talent pipeline.

Solving problems with real talent.

We created the Catalyst Lab because we want to enhance San Antonio’s talent pipeline by bringing intelligent, problem-solving workers to the community. We believe in every one of our fellow’s advance computing abilities, and we believe in the local companies that have a need for large-scale data management, machine learning and other advanced computing skills.

According to a 2017 Microsoft report, at least 2.7 million cloud-computing workers will be needed by North American companies. You have direct access to them right in this city. Right now. Each semester, approximately 50 graduate students are engaged in various levels of the Cloud Computing Certificate Program, and the program is growing. The coursework these graduate students are studying is designed so they have a framework of cloud computing and understand how it works in a variety of applications. After they finish the Catalyst Lab program, they will be ready to graduate and ready for hire.


Our Team

We are dedicated to providing San Antonio businesses with high-quality talent from UTSA, and showing graduating students that you can work & play in San Antonio.


How long is this internship?

10 weeks.

Are you taking students outside of UTSA?

Unfortunately at this time, you must be a PhD or Masters student at UTSA who is about to graduate.

What is the UTSA OCI Cloud Computing program?

Students who are either enrolled or able to enroll in the UTSA Graduate school can take four graduate school courses designed to teach and reinforce concepts related to cloud computing and machine learning. The last course in the series is a CapStone Course, which allows the student to demonstrate and extend their knowledge by interning at a company engaged in next-gen development.

What are these grad students learning at the OCI?

The coursework for the cloud computing certification includes artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning, large-scale data management, bioinformatics, computer security, software engineering, parallel processing and more depending on their chosen track.

Life in Downtown San Antonio


San Antonio is a large city (with a population of over 1.5 million people), but is still able to capture a small town feel. We have a rich history, world-class music venues, a beloved basketball team and award-winning restaurants. Alamo City is growing every day, constantly popping up with new things to see, do, play, eat and drink.

At Catalyst Lab, we care about the things beyond work. Despite what you experience outside 1604, San Antonio has a growing downtown and surrounding area (and we’re not just talking about Pearl district).