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We are looking for San Antonio companies who have some experience, and are ready to take their business to the next level with talented Catalyst Lab fellows.

Graduate Students

Fellows are all graduate or PhD students and enrolled in UTSA’s Open Cloud Institute Certification program

Fully Vetted

The team vets every student application carefully to ensure talent and commitment

Wages Subsidized

You pay $10 an hour and the 80/20 Foundation will pay $10 an hour; 40 hours a week for 10 weeks

Collaborative Matching

We will work together to match you with the fellow who fits your needs, and you are not committed to the program until you find your perfect fit

Focused Talent

All fellows are highly skilled in programming, architecture cloud computing, data science, cloud-provider experience, machine learning, cyber security


Fellows have hire-ready status, which means companies spend less time and money on finding a full-time employee with the skills they need to help transform business

We’re looking for local companies who can support and mentor a full-time fellow.

You’re a good fit, if you:

  • Are a local small- to medium-sized San Antonio company
  • Have a $4,000 hiring budget
  • Are looking to fill a position that is related to data science, artificial intelligence, cloud-computing or machine learning

Need computing talent?

Submit a short application below (which includes uploading a job or project description) and we’ll be in touch!